Our Vision

Hemp Worx is committed to a FUN, laid back, super productive lifestyle.  Our Hemp Worx products use natural ingredients 80% Pure CBD Oil, the highest grade on the market! We want our customers to have a positive experience with our CBD products. We believe in the sun and want to be the best at helping people protect themselves, stay youthful, and have fun doing it.

In addition to providing the best CBD Skin Care Products, Pet Products, Drops, and more – we want to change the way society looks at this amazing versatile beneficial plant called Hemp. There are still humans who are unaware, and there is negative terminology used towards the CBD & Hemp Plant that still lingers in our culture to this very day. We are committed to educating and enlightening the masses to shift this perception and to inspire the masses to think outside the box and embrace a Hemp Worx Lifestyle! 

These changes take time, but progress is being made. Recently many states in the USA have easier their policy on CBD and Hemp and other states are joining suit quickly. We can’t do this alone, and we need you to help us educate society. Connect with us by joining our mailing list, try our products, and most importantly – share Hemp Worx with one person at a time! The most important vote is the ones we make with our dollars. We believe if you want to change the world, spend your money on products that make a difference and educate the masses.

We love what we do at Hemp Worx and we appreciate your vote! 

Vision Statement: 

To change the way society views CBD and Hemp while providing the highest quality products on the market and forcing FUN on all humans and animals. 

Mission Statement: 

At Hemp Worx, we believe that we can educate 10 million humans and animals per year at a minimum and bring our 80% pure CBD and Hemp products to the masses. 

Our Product Commitment To Excellence:

At Hemp Worx, we take pride in what we do. Inside of our pursuit to change the way society views CBD and Hemp, we’ve formulated and developed premium products that help keep our hair and skin, healthy, luscious, and ready to show off to the world. But beyond just giving our customers products that we feel are beneficial to their aesthetic improvement, we are proud to say that we are meticulous about the ingredients we use. For questions about our manufacturing and formulation process, please email contact@hempworx.com